Hi, my name is Neta Livne.
I believe my jewelry is designed to remind you of your inner and outer beauty and power, your connection to the environment, the world, the universe, your soul and yourself. My jewelry is all aimed at this place, of personal and inner connection through art.
I have been an artist and jewelry designer for almost 30 years, my jewelry is sold in Israel and around the world, appears in reputable magazines in the field of fashion and lifestyle and has become a favorite brand by many women. I opened this store, to empower as many women as possible with the help of the jewelry that suits them!
I do not believe in limiting myself to a particular style I connect to everything that is beautiful, to everything that is interesting and to everything that my imagination finds it appropriate to create.
My goal in doing so is to help you see the infinite beauty that is in everything around, in jewelry and especially especially in you!

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