A turquoise cosmic flower necklace


Two-sided necklace in the form of a flower mandala from the cosmic collection. This collection was created to harness the warm, high and high energies of the universe for your day to day. Jewelry concentrates energies of compassion and inclusion, comfort and tolerance, affection and love, and integrate them in your daily life. On the other side, purple cosmic mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning a sacred circle. Mandela is a painting that begins to form from the center and develops into additional circles, to infinity. The circle is a basic form in nature, and our lives are made up of endless circuits – from our formation in the womb to the star galaxies; The chain has two sides and can be turned over and the golden mandala moved from top to side. You can alternately wear the cosmic purple side or cosmic turquoise. Depending on the suitability of the garment you wear you can match the color of the chain. Suitable for day for jeans and T-shirt, collar shirt or suit, over sweater, golf or dress. Also suitable for an intense presence, for connecting to yourself. Each time you wear it, you can create a unique and memorable look. Pendant diameter 5 cm Chain length 90 cm

להוספת כרטיס ברכה בעלות 10 ש"ח לחצו כאן
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