Gina turquoise necklace


A turquoise and golden necklace with a strong, fashionable and contemporary presence. Can blend into an excellent urban block daily or in an unforgettable evening gown. From the “Cosmos” collection that connects you to the fact that only you determine your emotional agenda. Only you define what person you will be today, what woman you will be tonight. And only you have your own cosmos, which helps you chart the way. Made of brass in gold plating Swarovski Golden Pranz stone Textile yarns 90 cm long The molecule looks complex, but in fact it is found in all of us: in the air we breathe, maybe even in the dreams we dream The pendant mentions that whoever carries it takes with it the basic material From which one can create worlds, palaces, pieces of eternity.

להוספת כרטיס ברכה בעלות 10 ש"ח לחצו כאן