Silver double-sided “waves of love” earrings


Heart earrings with wavy and delicate stripes

The earring is two-sided in a black and gray mosaic shade on one side.

And cosmic turquoise on the other side.

They symbolize the connection to the most powerful emotion in the universe: “love”

A love that comes in waves and is immortal and eternal.

Heart diameter 1 cm
Made of silver-plated brass and metallic colors

The earrings belong to the Cosmos collection. It has a contemporary presence, fashionable and suitable for both day and evening. Wear elegant and also jeans and t-shirts. The earrings are designed to connect you to your feminine power, to connect you to yourself. In the Cosmos collection, inspiration comes from the world of geometry that exists in the universe. The connection between the stars of the sky creates infinite shapes that are spectacular in its beauty. The design of the jewelry is based on the paintings I draw inspired by the world of mandalas , the connection to spirituality, creativity, production and the world of inner femininity.

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