Two-sided lotus chain


Double-sided pendant in cosmic purple background

Above it is a golden lotus mandala

On the other side are cosmic turquoise shades

Pendant diameter 4 cm

Chain length 90 cm (can be ordered at a different length)

Can also be ordered with money

Made of gold-plated brass and metal paints

The symbol of the lotus flower symbolizes in ancient cultures the divine power, beauty, purity, and eternal life.

The lotus is a beautiful water flower and is also called the rose of water. Its flowers are beautiful, fragrant and edible. Also its seeds and bulbs can be eaten.

It grows out of shallow water, mud and slime and yet the flower itself remains pure and uncontaminated.

It is one of the oldest flowers in the world

Another characteristic is that the stem can be bent but very difficult to break because of the many strong fibers and therefore it symbolizes strength and durability.

The chain is designed to remind you and everyone in your vicinity to connect with peace and inner strength and to be filled with pleasant and relaxed energy in any situation.

This necklace is part of a collection of jewelry with messages designed to connect the energy of the jewelry

To the woman or girl who wears it and help her to connect with the message of the symbol.

Can be booked at Goldfield or at a different length to order.

The pendant is related to the human need for self-expression alongside the need to examine things in depth and to reach new revelations about life and the inner self. I see the pendant as a tool for communication, expression and inspiration. If you are attentive to it, it will allow you to produce your unique voice and explore New Horizons.

The necklace belongs to the Cosmos collection. It has a contemporary presence, fashionable and suitable for both day and evening. Wear elegant and also jeans and t-shirts. The necklace is designed to connect you to your feminine power, to connect you to yourself. In the Cosmos collection, inspiration comes from the world of geometry that exists in the universe. The connection between the stars of the sky creates infinite shapes that are spectacular in its beauty. The design of the jewelry is based on the paintings I draw inspired by the world of mandalas , the connection to spirituality, creativity, production and the world of inner femininity.

להוספת כרטיס ברכה בעלות 10 ש"ח לחצו כאן