Two sided “Metatron” earrings



Two sided earrings hanging from a hoop

2.5 cm diameter

Mandala Of Metatron

In the background of cosmic turquoise colors

On the other side are yellow and orange shades

Decorated with a gilded mandala frame that adds elegance, festiveness and sophistication to earrings
The colorful side or turquoise side can be worn intermittently in accordance with the garment you are wearing and the energy you need that day.
Suitable for the day for jeans and a T-shirt, collared shirt, suit, or dress. Also suitable for the evening for a powerful presence, for connecting to yourself.

Every time you wear them, you will create a unique and unforgettable look.

Mandela symbolizes the universe and the human soul in ancient religions.

Metatron is a sacred geometric form and a symbol that creates the map of creation that represents the infinite field of all that exists,

This map was cherished by the mystics and ancient cultures from ancient times, just like the tree of life that is a map of creation, the Metatron is a map of creation with which the ancient Lemuria and Atlantis worked. Matatron is an important angel that appears in mystical Jewish, Christian and Muslim literature, from the first centuries C.E. to the present day.


The symbol of Metatron is a pattern from the sacred geometry, a geometric structure of triangles that symbolizes a balance between galaxies and spirituality,

The earrings will help you believe in yourself and connect with the inner forces that only you know you have.

The earrings belong to the Cosmos collection that allows you to get up in the morning and choose: choose what your being is, lead and not be led, set your internal agenda.

The jewelry of the collection helps you direct yourself to a positive and relaxed vibe, inclusive, positive and loving, and are a center of emotional intensity.
Earrings with the presence of mischief and colorful alongside strength and boldness.
Suitable for jeans and a T-shirt and also for the evening combined with a matching necklace for the wow look….

Diameter 2.5 cm
Gold-plated brass hoop bracket bracket
Gold-plated brass base and metal paints.

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