Mandala ‘Metatron’ earrings, featuring a celestial sunrise on both sides



Hoop-hung double-sided earrings

Metatron’s Mandala.

In the background, an original painting of a sunrise in turquoise shades

On the other side – an original painting Mandela Shriantra in turquoise and purple tones

Decorated with a golden Mandala frame that adds elegance, festivity, and sophistication to the earrings
You can wear the reversible side to match the outfit you’re wearing and align with the energy you need on that particular day.
Suitable for a casual day with jeans and a T-shirt, a collared shirt, office attire, or a dress. Also suitable for an evening with a powerful presence, connecting with yourself.

Whenever you put them on, you craft a distinctive and unforgettable appearance.

The Mandala, in ancient traditions, symbolizes the cosmos and the human soul.

The Sri Yantra symbol is a pattern derived from sacred geometry, a geometric structure of triangles symbolizing the balance between the material and spiritual realms, with the top triangle representing the heavens and the bottom one representing the earth

The earrings will help you believe in yourself and connect with the inner powers that only you know you possess.

The earrings belong to the ‘Cosmos collection’, allowing you to wake up in the morning and choose: choose your essence, to lead and not be led, to set the inner order of your day.

The jewelry from the collection helps you align yourself with a positive and serene wave, filled with positivity and love, serving as a center of emotional strength.
Earrings with a lively and colorful presence alongside strength and boldness.
Suitable for jeans and a T-shirt, as well as for an evening look when paired with a matching necklace for a wow factor.

Diameter 2.5 cm
Gold-plated brass hoop clasp.
Gold-plated brass base and metal paints.

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