Hearts and pearls earrings


Delicate earrings connected to nature and the feelings of love and empathy, hearts and pearls that symbolize love and beauty. A connection between man and the sea, nature and cosmic love, between body and soul, between woman and her environment, between woman and herself. Attest to and encourage an inward connection to the deepest and most positive feelings we have reached with the world. The connection to independence, vitality and power. Suitable for evening and daily. Earrings in a contemporary and fashionable style. Suitable for a variety of styles of clothing, from urban to urban evening dress. The monochromatic monochrome color can be combined with a variety of chains and create a wow effect. The clasp is made of brass in gold plated. 2 microns Artificial pearl Swarovski Length 5 cm Available in silver

להוספת כרטיס ברכה בעלות 10 ש"ח לחצו כאן