Celtic midfield rectangle Oregonite chain


A rectangle orgonite pendant in the colors of the chakras with the symbol of the infinite Celtic connection

Orogonite is a tool that absorbs accumulating and resonating with Oregon energy. Oregon energy means life energy.

This energy is recognized by different names in different cultures; Chi, Prana, Kundalini, the energy of creation. Known in science as negative ions, the energy that space has around us, the “strong force” that lies between the particles of the atom.

It’s the energy that’s in the stem cells that gives them the magical potential to become every single organ in our body.

So does the Oregonite giving each and every one what they need exactly.

The “Infinite Connection” pendant bridges that pass over each other and are bound by endless bond.

The infinite bond symbolizes the eternality of the soul and the emotional connection that does not disappear even when the body is no longer gone.

The necklace will help you believe that you can make dreams come true and follow ways you’ve never walked before.

It will remind you that your long road is aimed at infinity and eternity, that everyday life holds within it the promise of flowering and blooming—and that you walk in places and moments when no woman has marched before you.

She’ll remind you that when you bring love into the world, your life is full of love.

The necklace from the Cosmos collection. This collection was created to harness the warm, good, high energies of the universe for your day to day. The jewelry concentrates energies of compassion and inclusion, comfort and tolerance, affection and love, and combines them in your daily life.

Pendant length 4 cm
Chain length: 85 cm + 5 cm extension
Made of gold-plated brass and oregonite


להוספת כרטיס ברכה בעלות 10 ש"ח לחצו כאן