Two-sided “Metatron” Mandala Chain


Pendant 6 cm in diameter

Mandala of Golden Metatron,

In the background is the flower of life in shades of yellow, orange, red, on the other side the colorful magic flower

Each side can be worn in accordance with the garment you are wearing and the energy you need that day.
Suitable for the day for jeans and a T-shirt, collared shirt or suit, over a sweater, golf or dress. Also suitable for the evening for a powerful presence, for connecting to yourself. Every time you wear it, you can create a unique and memorable look.

Chain length 90 cm

Pendant diameter 6 cm

Made of gold-plated brass and metal paints

A chain that will remind you that your long road is aimed at infinity and eternity, and that you walk in places and moments when no woman has marched before you.

Mandela is a Sanskrit word that means sacred circle. Mandela is a painting that begins to form from the center and develops into additional circles, to infinity. The circle is a fundamental form of nature, and our lives consist of infinite circles, from our formation in the womb to the galaxies of stars; A circular sequence of day and night and of the seasons. The circle has inspired man in different cultures since prehistoric times. In different tribes and religions, mandalas are used for different rituals, for man’s connection with nature and with deity. Indian shamans painted dance mandalas in rituals of healing. In the East, the mandalas help people in their perception of what things are supposed to be like. In Buddhism, mandala is an integral part of the study of the Tibetan monk. The students prepare themselves for the creation of the mandala through meditation, fasting, cleaning the body and mind, and sacred poetry. Through the creation of the Mandala, the monk learns to find his way to a deep awareness of himself, as well as to connect to the world of the gods.

The word “mandela” originates in the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit, which means “circle containing essence” or “sacred circle”.

The mandala shape is the primary form in the universe, and it is manifested in endless ways in nature –in flowers, water vapors, snowflakes, the star system, the eyeball, the woman’s womb, the body cells, and more.

The center of mandala is the source of energy, forces, animals, and is attributed to the inner nucleus of the soul. From this nucleus, the personality grows and emerges, and around it the other parts of the soul are organized.

Mandela has a variety of positive and beneficial effects on man and his soul. Observing mandela enables finding focus, balance, integration, inner relaxation and tranquillity, empowering attention and concentration, strengthening mental well-being, and expanding consciousness and heart.

It strengthens and enhances characteristics and inner strengths, such as optimism, creativity, intuitiveness, self-awareness, boldness and motivation, and connects us to abundance, goodness, blessing and health.

Metatron is a sacred geometric form and a symbol that creates the map of creation that represents the infinite field of all that exists,

This map was cherished by the mystics and ancient cultures from ancient times, just like the tree of life that is a map of creation, the Mettron is a map of creation with which the ancient Lemuria and Atlantis worked. Mattron is an important angel that appears in mystical Jewish, Christian and Muslim literature, from the first centuries C.E. to the present day.


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